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Invited Out

First of all, I never realized until today how much I love fans. I just bought a sweeeeet new one yesterday and it’s the most heavenly thing on earth. I also randomly got my hot water back. It’s hilarious how easily pleased I am these days.

Anyway! Made some new varieties of banana ice cream, one of which has some veggies in it. Excellent. It’s crazy how creative breakfast has been making me feel recently. I guess some people write poetry and paint, for me (and many others), coming up with interesting ways to pack in nutrients is brain candy.

Trail Mix Banana Ice Cream

This one was one frozen banana blended with a few peanuts, then topped with more peanuts, raisins and 1/4 c raw oats. Totally tasted like trail mix.

Carrot Cake Banana Ice Cream

1/4 c shredded carrots and one frozen banana blended with cinnamon and topped with 1/4 c raw oats.  Threw some walnuts on top at the last minute! I think I got the idea from a great blog, This was  so great with a hot cup of coffee…love the hot and cold combo.  “I will alternate between hot and cold.” (Arrested Development)

After each respective creation I went on 4 mile runs and came back to do squats/wall sits with shoulder presses/push ups/lunges with bicep curls. I’m starting to go back and forth between strength training THEN cardio versus the other way around. I’ve done strength then cardio forever, but it feels really good and refreshing to switch it up recently. I also feel like I put more into my strength training when I’m already massively sweaty. Always good to mix things up.

Then disaster struck. I was invited out to dinner. In China. Where everyone shares everything and the oil usage is out of control. I was freaking out all day. I haven’t had Chinese food in months and am finally feeling healthy, and now, a week before the half marathon I have to ruin it. I ended up picking things out of random dishes: hot peppers, onions and cilantro along with some delicious fish. Even though I only ate REALLY light vegetables and a light protein (granted I totally overdid it on the fish), I still felt like there was a brick in my stomach. Hmm… maybe I’m placing the blame on the food when it’s really my own lack of willpower at fault.

Made myself feel better by making some of this for future use:

Cashew Butter

HORRIBLE photos today. I apologize, it will never happen again.



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