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I spent the weekend in the BEAUTIFUL town of Yangshuo. It was surreal: good friends, great bike rides, rock climbing, and healthy/delicious food (by my crazy Western standards). The town kind of caters to foreigners but I completely ate it up and loved every second of it. A few highlights!

Rice Fields

Carrot Lemon Juice

The waitress almost didn’t let me order this because she thought it sounded disgusting. “I think this will not be very good.” mMMM carrot juice–so perfect when you don’t feel like just water but don’t want all the sugar of fruit juice.

Climbed the rock to the left

Mountains...or hills?

Carrot Orange Juice

The first time I ordered this they put MILK in it. AHHHH KILL ME.

Basil Garlic Hummus with Wasa Crackers

Mid rock climbing snack!! I made this at home and brought it along with my breakfast cookie (which tasted EXACTLY like a clif bar with no weirdo ingredients) and overnight oats. Hummus: Can of chickpeas, clove of garlic, fresh basil, S&P, blended. Most people add olive oil, tahini, lemon, etc. but I didn’t really feel like added fat or tartness–and it was fantastic.

Double Veggie Burger

My first veggie burger in a LONG time. Ordered homemade whole wheat toast on the side and replaced the bun that they gave me. Got a couple of weird looks but it was all good! AHH Yangshuo is so amazing….feels more like SE Asia than China and made me so excited to get back home =).

On another note–excited to work on rock climbing back in the states!! It’s such a great way to work out while having a blast–you barely even think about the fact that you’re exercising! My arms, shoulders and back are super sore, in the good way. Being sore is such a good indicator of having a great workout. Yessss.



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How It Should Be

One thing that I really really love about trying to come up with things to make in China is the availability of seasonal fruits and tons o’ veggies. There is a fruit stand just down the hill from my apartment that I hit up at least once a day and it’s always exciting when a new in season fruit pops up. YES I said it’s exciting. Fruits and vegetables in China are also NORMALLY priced, unlike the US where fresh produce can cost an arm and a leg. I bought everything in the photo below for the Chinese money (RMB) equivalent of $15.00. Crazy!

So Cheap!

Thats: A bag of almonds, eggs, tofu, mangoes, kiwi, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, lemons, cauliflower, brocolli, bean sprouts, peppers, scallions, cilantro, corn and noodles for $15.00. Reverse sticker shock.

Most of this went towards a potluck at my apartment last night where I made coconut curry with peppers/sugar snap peas and Pad Thai…but cooking for other people made me crazy stressed so, alas, no photos. Katie brought Velveeta, Lucy brought Mashed potatoes, Micah and Rob brought Chinese takeout (hehe) and Jeff brought potatoes. AND Sarah, other Sarah, made brownies. I usually can’t drink when I’m feeling sluggish or out of shape, but since that situation has drastically improved in the past 2 months, I was able to drink the delicious apple vodka that Katie brought back from the Philippines. MMm that foreign feeling sure felt like home. Also gave me the motivation to trek out in the pouring rain to kill some Copacabana with Katie at karaoke.

Dinner tonight was 100% imported goods:

Wasa Crackers with Tuna, Rosemary and Emmental Cheese. Nuked.

Followed by a taste of summer:

Back to the Islands!!

Took me about 5 mangoes to finally figure out the correct way to cut them. Slice vertically going along the sides of the pit (on each side), then cut mango crosswise and lengthwise making sure to not go through the peel. Either stick your face in it and chow down, or cut away the pieces from the peel like a civilized person =).


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Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Welcome!! I suppose I’ll start off with a little introduction.

As of today, April 12, 2010, I have exactly 10 weeks left of my year in China. This year has been a roller coaster–language barriers, culture shocks, travelling, new friends, teaching 13 classes of 60 students each, etc. However, the hardest loop of said roller coaster has undoubtedly been keeping up my usual diet and fitness regiment. I began the year thinking that Chinese food would be fine and I would adjust, but after some noticeable changes to my body, energy levels, and overall happiness, I realized that the typical Chinese diet is NOT for me. Excessive use of oil, lots of animal fat, white rice, no whole grains, no raw vegetables and heaps upon heaps of processed snacks.**** But without my convenient American health food markets and groceries stores I was at a loss. My diet consisted of eggs, corn, apples, bananas, protein powder sent from home, and carrots. SAD.

****Obviously this is just my biased personal experience. I know food here in China works for many people and I WISH it did for me, but sadly…womp.

Then there were the fruit shakes. On a trip to the Philippines I must have guzzled a hundred shakes made of anything from fruits, vegetables, soymilk, ice, young coconut water, nut butters, etc. It dawned on me that perhaps I wasn’t so lost in the world and maybe I could adopt a pretty sweet whole food diet if I just opened my eyes and got a little creative with what Chinese markets had to offer. Throughout this whole process I had to learn how to exercise without my beautiful gym and WITH some serious pollution. AND on top of everything else, I, the formerly bloody steak-loving carnivore, somehow became a vegetarian. More on that later. What you’re about to see is my attempt at a clean, healthy, whole food diet (in a country that doesn’t exactly mesh) in preparation for my return to normalcy!!! WOOOOOOO!

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