Hello!! I’m Sarah. 20 something from Northern California, usually live in NYC, currently spending a year in the crazy land of China. 20 something with a “health food blog??” Alright, so not very original, but hear me out.

Food for Miles started as a way to motivate myself to come up with interesting meals to make during my year in China when unfortunately Chinese food wasn’t working for me. It was also a way to get excited about my switch from tons o’ meat and processed food–yeah I’m usually a sucker for those low-cal products–to a vegetarian and all natural diet. After watching some awesome documentaries, reading books, and browsing hundreds of sites/blogs I became convinced that a vegetarian, natural diet is the way to go. OK so maybe vegan would be even better, but for now I’m taking it slow…. I truly believe that a natural diet and plenty of exercise is the solution for a vast majority of health problems (at least in the US) and I hope to have a career in the future dedicated to helping others  live a healthy lifestyle. I’m a sucker for the gym and this diet change has helped me immensely in my training for a hellacious half marathon (without a proper gym, scary) on the Great Wall of China. I get a ton of my nutrition/recipe/exercise ideas from other blogs and sites so I’m hoping to contribute to that universe a little bit. Woo!


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  1. Dude. We are so in the same situation! Nice to find “friends” in the blogosphere : ) I have never been to China, love reading about your experiences! I am really lucky about the oven… Mozambicans don´t usually use ovens either. How do we survive?! 🙂

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